Friday, January 21, 2011

Activated my XM Radio Today

So I bought hubby a new truck back in Oct 10. I was jealous because it came with satellite installed. I hate morning radio when I have to take the kids to school because all I hear is talk, talk and more talk.
The wonderful hubby agreed I could add satellite to my Jeep but because I'm a tight wad, I wanted to do it cheap. I found a great deal on the portable XM Onyx radio a couple months ago.
Yes, I just got around to activating it today. I found the $77/year price online and used that when I called in. Apparently the state of FL has some of the highest taxes in the radio world because my taxes were about $20.
The rep on the line wanted to tell me about this GREAT promo they are running right now...
Get this... 36 months for the price of 27 months. At 5 low monthly installments of approximately $90 each!!!
No thanks. When my year is up, I'll renew at 5 months for $20. That's $4 a month.
On the plus side, I'm loving my satellite radio!!

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