Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hubby had a Vasectomy Reversal!

Well this is sort of the foundation of our blog. To document our journey as a family and with Army life. We decided that we wanted to have a child together, and that necessitated a vasectomy reversal. I'm going to copy and paste what I wrote about our experience since that's just easier for this first post:


Hello ladies!

Well DH had his VR with Dr. Roeder this morning at 7 am.

We went in and first met Dean. He was wonderful!! Did some paperwork and then gave DH an antibiotic and two tylenol.

Dr. Roeder came in and we met him. He is absolutely fabulous. His bedside manner and personality are wonderful! Talked with him and then we got dressed for the procedure.

DH was not given versid or a calming med before hand.

Before we started, DR prayed and it was lovely. Made DH and I both tear up.

He did the left side first. The numbing shot and medicine were uncomfortable for DH but nothing he couldn't handle. Once the procedure got started, he didn't feel anything usually and even fell asleep some.

I stood over his head and watched the entire procedure. It was super fascinating. Then it was time to view the semen on the left side:

Looked under the microscope: MILLIONS of healthy WHOLE sperm!!!!! I was ecstatic!!

(I had DH on a multivitamin for the past few months and started him on fertileblend the past couple weeks. He's also very active and healthy in general.)

DH had a granuloma built up in his tube which DR. R said was good because it allowed for some leakage and meant the sperm production was still working. There was no back pressure because of this or signs to tell the body to stop producing sperm. We definitely got lucky. Left side approx 45 min, then onto right side.

His right side was definitely more tender and sensitive than the left one. Dr. R again told us everything he was doing and what was going on. He and Dean worked seamlessly together as a well oiled machine. Hardly uttering any words.

Time for right side semen analysis:

There were considerably less sperm on the right side, but the ones we did see were whole healthy sperm. I am super excited about all of this!

DH also had a granuloma on his right tube as well.

All said and done, we were out of the office by 9:30.

He also didn't give him a pain RX. Told him just to take tylenol. I guess if he needs one in the morning, Dr. R would give him one.

Hubby said it was much easier than expected. He gave Dr. R a giant hug and thanked him. He said that his manner was excellent and was so glad we chose him.

The worst part for DH was staying still and then having his hands go numb every now and then. But Dr. R let him move around and stuff as long as DH told him he needed too. Dr. Roeder's number one concern was always making sure hubby was comfortable!

We have ZERO regrets about coming out here to see Dr. Roeder. I will recommend him wholeheartedly without a doubt to anyone. I can see why he is so popular just because of his skill and bedside manner.

We've been resting for the afternoon. Headed home on Sunday. We have a checkup with Dr. R on Sat morning.

Just wanted to share our story and put any fears to rest of those who might be having an upcoming VR.

Btw, hubby wants me to let you all know that he's picking on me about sharing that DH got his junk cut open this morning and he had swimmies and blah blah (his words lol) So he's not in too much pain that he can't be his usual self.

I am so proud of my husband. My heart swelled with love while sitting by him when he was having the procedure done. Seeing what he was going through so we could have a chance at our own little one just made me fall in love all over again with him.

Here's a link to the thread if you want to read more:

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